Unison Week 86



4th – 8th June 2013   Issue 86 (had enough of not enough edition)


Local Government strike ballot for fair pay

Council Staff  are like anyone else  – they  deserve to be paid fairly  for the work they do. In recent years pay has been frozen, while prices have risen, particularly unavoidable essentials like food, gas and electricity.  Most staff have seen a decline in the value of their wages of almost 13%.  They have also been put under pressure  – over 34 000 jobs have gone in Local Government  in recent years. The current offer of 1% with no guarantee of an annual uprating of the Living  Wage level just isn’t enough.  We are balloting   our 75 000 members in Local Government for strike action. We’re saying Yes to Fair Pay 



On never letting a crisis go to waste

…so a Tory MP and three members of the House of Lords are caught agreeing to take money  from lobbyists (allegedly). It’s a scandal .. and a scandal that was predicted. A sensible response to this might be Bill along the lines of the one Neil Findlay MSP is proposing in Holyrood on Lobbying Transparency (which incidentally  UNISON supports). But no,  what we get instead is an attack on Trade Unions.  This makes about as much  sense  as bringing  new  cycling safety measures after an  outbreak of food poisoning.


What it shows is that this Government hate the idea of ordinary people working together to get a fairer deal from themselves,  and will use any and every opportunity to attack our ability to do so.  (That said,  maybe we should consider ourselves lucky they  intend restricting themselves to legislation and aren’t  despatching the Eton Rifles )  






02/06/13 unison-scotland.org.uk

UNISON Training still some places left on some courses.  Details here


03/06/13 unison.org.uk

UNISON can help low paid members with School uniform costs Details here


24/05/13 unison-scotland.blogspot.co.uk

College Staff threaten Strike to  strike over pay offer Details here


29/05/13 heraldscotland.com

NHS pay rise delay  unacceptable More here 





30/05/13     gov.uk   unison.org.uk

A new ONS Labour Force Survey shows that union membership rose by 59,000 to 6.5m, it pays to organise!


24/05/13 Scotsman.com

Claims about centralising services don’t add up


31/05/13 Guardian.co.uk

Big numbers, Benefits  and Government Ministers being (ahem) less than truthful


31/05/13     stuc.org.uk      scotsman.com

The Trade union movement  has never been convinced that Corporation Tax Cuts are any kind of step forward.

We’re delighted that  a Nobel prize winning  first ministerial adviser  agrees


25/05/13 guardian.co.uk  bbc.co.uk

 More millionaires than ever  and more people using foodbanks than ever… brings to mind

“What thoughtful rich people call the problem of poverty, thoughtful poor people,

with equal justice call a problem of riches” RH Tawney 

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