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May members may be aware of the recent article in the Fife edition of The Courier newspaper, linked below.


Fife’s biggest trade union, Unison, said yesterday that it told Fife Council in “no uncertain terms” that it would resist any attempts to change the terms and conditions of council staff as detailed in a leaked dossier.

Unison Fife branch secretary told The Courier newspaper “For this council, which claims to be an anti-poverty council, to even suggest such proposals is outrageous. Thousands of Fife Council workers earn so little that they are dependent on foodbanks. They already struggle to make ends meet. This would simply make their plight worse. The joint trade unions made it clear we would resist any attempt to bring any of these measures in. Fife council already has 4000 fewer staff than it did 4 years ago. There are more demands on and more strain on those who are left. Staff are at breaking point any many already go above and beyond what they are expected to do, doing more for less. There have already been pay freezes. Our members did not cause this austerity crisis but our members are suffering the most. With cuts, how far do you go? How long until the council can’t provide services. This affects absolutely everyone at the council and if they press ahead with this, the workforce will unite against it”

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