Budget 12th February 2015

In advance of the Fife Council Budget meeting, Branch Secretary Debbie Thompson has written to the elected members…………………………….


Dear elected member,

 On Thursday of this week you will be asked again to make decisions on this year’s budget which could see further cuts to the services we provide. Over the past 5 years we have seen millions of pounds taken out of our budget, with services slashed or cut completely,  and with millions more to be found by 2018.  This constant erosion of Public Services is already beginning to be felt by the communities we are all here to serve, with the most vulnerable in our society bearing the brunt of these draconian cuts forced upon us in the name of austerity. Our communities have already seen the loss of thousands of jobs and if we continue to accept austerity there will be thousands more to come.

 Fife’s Joint Trade Unions have been arguing for some time that there is an alternative, that we do not need to so readily accept the burden of slashing our services to the bone.  Our organisations both regionally and nationally have undertaken extensive research that shows there is an alternative which protects our services and jobs. Fife’s joint unions will work with any independent politician or political group that refuses to accept these cuts and will pool our resources to actively campaign to gain further funding especially given the half a billion pound underspend recently announced by the Scottish Government.

 The decisions you will be party to making today could have a profound long term detrimental impact across the whole of Fife. Many of our communities already suffer from deprivation and poverty, by agreeing to implement further cuts you will only add to the pressures they already face.  By working together Fife’s joint unions believe that we can build sustainable communities by delivering vital public services to those that need them most.  We need to protect and grow our economy, provide opportunities for our young people, make our communities safe and vibrant places to live,  By saying ‘NO’ to cuts we believe we can achieve this, by accepting anything less we will see a legacy that could take generations to reverse.

 We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this email and we look forward to campaigning with you.

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