Pay negotiations 2017

PAY 2017
SJC pay is determined until 1 April 2017. However it is hoped that the claim will be lodged in September of this year to allow proper negotiations to take place to ensure the anniversary date is met. This will also allow us to build an effective campaign with our members in pursuing a fair settlement.
It should also be noted that this consultation is to determine a UNISON position that we can take into discussions with the other two trade unions to establish a Joint Trade Union Claim.
Branches are asked to consider the following;
1. What should the claim look like?
2. Should we pursue a Flat Rate claim only
3. Should we pursue a percentage award only?
4. Should we pursue a mixed percentage/flat rate award based on highest value?
5. Should the claim be for a single year?
6. Should we consider multiple years?
7. Are there other issues that should be included in the claim?
Factors to take into account;
• The Scottish Employers have committed as part of the last settlement to engage with the trade unions over a flat rate award if that forms part of the trade union claim.
• Discussions with the employers are imminent over the deletion of spinal column points below the level of the living wage.
• Similarly discussions are imminent regarding the impact of the living wage going forward
• The forthcoming Parliamentary elections this year and Local Government elections next year.
• Continuing financial pressures in Local Government
• The impact of pay awards consistently below inflation levels.
• The impact of ministerial agreement to continue to cap public sector pay awards at 1%.
• The increase in National Insurance contributions
• The continuing attacks on terms and conditions locally.
In considering responding to this, branches are asked to consult as widely as possible with members and seek their feedback. If you can respond no later than 5th May to
or speak to your workplace contacts if you have any.
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