Unison Legal Services

Legal services are one of the key
reasons our members join UNISON.
They want the reassurance of
knowing that their union will provide
high quality legal services when they
need them, at no extra cost. But
survey after survey has shown that
many members are not yet aware of
the full range of services available
to them and their families. Click on link to download brochure on services available.

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Local Government Conference

During the Monday morning session and following a very informative presentation from Ken Mulkearn IDS (Income Data Services) on pay claims Composite B on “Campaigning against Government Pay Policy” was debated.

This Composite was proposed by the national SOC (Standing Orders Committee) and covered motions 29, 29.1, 29.2, 33, 33.1, 33.2 and 35.

Kate Ramsden (Aberdeenshire) gave a Scottish context to this Composite and UNISON Fife delegates joined the vote by displaying their “Fair Pay leaflets” during the vote.

UNISON Fife had already agreed to support these motions and members should be heartened to know that the Composite was carried unanimously by Conference.