Fair Pay Day Update

Fair Pay Day
UNISON Fife were at a highly visible event at Fife House yesterday (27th June) for the launch of the Fair Pay Day campaign. One of the headlines from our recently submitted pay claim was an introduction of a living wage for workers of £7.20/hour.

Gillian McLaren one of our members in Catering and Cleaning is pictured below with Councillor Linda Erskine at the event. Gillian is amongst one of the 40,000 plus members across Scotland who earn less than £21,000/year and who would have benefited from the commitment by the Scottish Government to award £250 to low paid public sector workers. Like Gillian we can’t understand how she can’t get this raise as she works for Fife Council but similar low paid members of UNISON who work in the NHS can. Gillian would also benefit from the introduction of the living wage.