Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS)


The Government has introduced Auto Enrolment (AE) legislation to encourage people of the UK who are not saving enough for their retirement to do so.   Auto enrolment rules slightly differ from the current LGPS, however Fife Council must comply with these rules.


On commencement of employment most employees are issued with a LGPS pension pack.  The pension pack previously contained a ‘membership and non-membership form’.   With the introduction of AE Fife Council is no longer permitted to include the ‘non-membership form’.   However any employee who wishes to opt out of the LGPS can access an ‘opt-out’ form on FISH or at www.fifedirect.org.uk/LGPS and by selecting ‘Forms and Publications’.  Alternatively you can contact the Pensions Team on 01592 583200, Option 6.

Here is a copy of the form here PensionOptoutform2013Version1before20june2013

Also, anyone who wants to repay their pension contribution that was “lost” from the November 2011 industrial action, can download the form from here – PensionStrikeRepaymentsLG