PVG Payments


Unison Fife  welcomed the recent announcements relating to the introduction of the living wage and the payment of PVG membership. 


Branch Secretary, Debbie Thompson, commenting on both matters said “These are massive successes for Unison Fife.  We have campaigned for a long time on these matters and are pleased that Fife Council have listened to our arguments.”

Low paid members will see the introduction of a living wage of £7.50 per hour which is equivalent to  more than a 3% increase in their salaries.  Debbie continued “This increase will benefit thousands of low paid members, predominantly women, across the Council.  For years, Unison have been arguing that the living wage should be introduced to ensure some form of decent living standards for all people.”

“At a time where benefits are being cut, many of these staff need to work in several jobs to make ends meet.  This increase wont fundamentally change their lives, but it will go a long way to improving it.

Speaking on the PVG scheme, which requires that members pay for a membership before they can work with vulnerable people, Debbie commented “Fife Council recognised that their stance to make our members pay whilst other groups didn’t was untenable.  Again our members were being penalised, I am pleased that Unison Fife maintained our position that our members were entitled to equitable treatment.”