College Cuts

UNISON Fife are angered at yet more cuts to college places in Fife.  There has already been over 4000 cuts to student places and this latest news will see the removal of an entire course by 2020.  These cuts fly in the face of the Scottish Goverment’s commitment to increasing modern apprenticeships across Scotland to 30,000 places, the loss of this course will have a significant detrimental impact on the aspirations of future students as well as a disastrous impact to the local economy and  the future of this sector in Fife.  UNISON Fifes’ local stewards have written to the College principal voicing their concerns:

UNISON reps at Fife College would like to register our concern and disappointment at your decision to cut all motor vehicle programmes from the Fife College prospectus and the fact that the decision seems to have been taken with no attempt made to consult with college trade unions. These courses have been delivered successfully in both of the pre-merged colleges for some years and we would really like a more detailed explanation of what the Fife College management feel has changed in this area.