LGBT Conference

2016 UNISON LGBT Conference

Please find attached the Conference Bulletin for the 2016 UNISON Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Conference.

This Bulletin is being sent by e-mail via all service groups, to Branch Secretaries, Branch Chairs, Branch Admin Staff, Branch Equal Opps Officers, LGB&T Officers and Young Members Contacts.  The bulletin will also be available on the UNISON Conference website so individual members can access the information directly online

Please note the important deadlines for delegate registration, motions submission, and applications for crèche and reasonable adjustments.

Please pass this information on to the relevant structures in your branch to encourage members to attend the conference.

Members who are not out in their branch
Members who are not out to their branch secretary should contact their regional LGBT officer if they wish to attend, who will act as an intermediary between the branch and the member.  The regional officer will discuss their attendance with the branch, while protecting the member’s confidentiality.  Branches must be aware that they have LGBT members wishing to be involved in self-organisation.  The rules on fair representation still apply and the branch will still pay the member’s expenses for attending the conference, but via the regional officer.  Details of regional officers are on the web at or are available from Carola Towle, UNISON LGBT Officer e-mail

Click here for 2016_LGBT_Conference_Bulletin

If you require any assistance please contact the Conference Office on 0207-121 5123.