Pay Claim 2012/2013

UNISON Scotland –Branch Secretaries Meeting – Pay Claim 2012/13 & 2013/14


20th November 2011, Glasgow

The meeting was called to receive an update from Branches on the Fair Pay Campaign launched on the 27th June 2012 for this years pay claim and also to discuss the potential for next years pay claim.

Delegate were reminded that the JTU’s submitted the 2012/2013 pay claim on the 8th May with the main components of the claim as highlighted below :-


  1. A one year settlement covering the period 1 April 2012 up to 31st Match 2013
  2. A flat rate payment of £1000
  3. The introduction of a Living Wage with a minimum hourly rate of £7.20
  4. Encourage Community and Voluntary Sector Organisations, ALEO’s conditioned to the Scottish Joint Council (SJC) to implement any settlement reached.


At present the tu’s are still waiting for a response from the employers in relation to this claim but all indications are that this claim has and will be rejected out right. We were also advised that there had been no formal meetings with the Employers since May on this or any subject. Branches expressed anger at this; clearly this wasn’t the way to do business and undermined the role of the Scottish Joint Council.


As part of this claim and to highlight the Fair Pay Campaign Branches wrote to the newley elected Councillors and the meeting noted that the response across the country was poor, in Fife we received 3 replies from 78 elected members.


The Scottish Local Government Secretary (Stephanie Herd) then gave an update on a national pay seminar called by the General Secretary last week where the following was noted ;-


  1. The coalition in Westminster is cutting 650 public sector jobs per day.
  2. Services are being cut back – sometimes completely. Pay also needs to be incorporate into the bigger picture.
  3. 8% of our kids go to school without breakfast this is now becoming a poverty issue.
  4. In real terms public sector pay has been getting cut since 1979 – we are now earning 15% less than then.
  5. There is an impact on all of us but clearly there is a disproportionate impact on our lower paid members.
  6. Statistics indicate that the clear disparity in pay between rich and poor will continue until at least 2020.  Members are now wondering if they can even afford to retire!
  7. UNISON should lead fight on breaking the pay freeze knowing that members are prepared to join us in the struggle.
  8. Pay however isn’t the only priority for our members – job security is also a major concern.