UNISON Fife Local Government Equal Pay Claims

UNISON Fife Local Government Equal Pay Claims


I refer to issues raised regarding the apparent delays in receiving offers of settlement of outstanding claims for equal pay with Fife Council.


Agreement has been reached with the council to allow offers of settlement. There are some 1500 claims from a variety of occupational groups, all different, which require individual calculation and assessment. The initial responsibility rests with the council to review records and produce this work, which is then checked by the UNISON solicitors, Thompsons who are acting for you and your colleagues. Thompsons then issue you with an offer of settlement.


As of today, Friday 4 March, I am advised  that Thompsons have done the check and are satisfied that the proper methodology has been used to calculate the offers. They have advised the council of this, and in turn are advised by the council that they aim to have the file with the settlement agreements with Thompsons no later than Wednesday 9 March following which offers will be mailed to members.


I can appreciate the frustration at the time taken to receive offers, however, I trust that you can understand the time associated with the number of claims, and the checking required.


I hope that you find this explanation helpful that you will have a satisfactory solution imminently.


Mike J Kirby

Scottish Secretary


Equal Pay Claims

“Equal Pay Claims v Fife

UNISON and Fife Council agreed on a formula for settlement in October 2015. Since that time your solicitors, Thompsons, and the Council have been working on the calculations of individual offers. This has involved identifying the actual pay of several thousand employees going back several years and has been a huge task. That task is now coming to an end but there is still some pay information to be obtained from the Council by Thompsons.

Thompsons will write to you as soon as they have a final offer and all the information in your case to allow you to consider that offer. Until that time please continue to be patient.

Please do not contact the branch office with enquiries regarding your ongoing claim as the branch cannot assist you in this matter.

Happy Birthday Brian

At today’s AAGM (1st March 2016) it was highlighted that we have another new branch officer in post,  Brian O’Donnell who has certainly brought down the teams age profile. Brian also heads up our Branch Cuts Campaign Team and was surprised with a birthday cake at the AAGM.