GMB Workplace Meetings

UNISON FIFE’s response to GMB workplace meetings.


Your local Government Branch has been made aware, by members, that our colleagues in the GMB have been participating in workplace meetings within the Education Sector in Fife.


UNISON members are cautioned against attending these “open” meetings as the information that is being relayed by the GMB officials in relation to employee’s in Fife Council who work within Janitorial is not accurate.


UNISON Fife on your behalf has contacted Fife Council who have confirmed that there are no proposals to change the grades of posts or change any Janitorial employees to term time contracts.


Members can be reassured that if management have any proposals to carry out any changes to contracts/grades etc that your union will be at the forefront of defending members rights and will not resort to scare tactics as a recruiting tool by suggesting that a sister trade union is not defending members interests.