Pay Offer Ballot Update

Formal ballot to take place, following strong rejection of pay deal in consultative ballot

As you will know, UNISON has been running a consultative ballot in the last few weeks on the final pay offer from your employers (click to find out more about the offer).

The consultative ballot helps us understand the strength of feeling of members before we embark on a formal ballot, leading to industrial action.

The consultative ballot produced an overwhelming rejection of the employers offer. The result was as follows:

To REJECT the offer – 77.5%
To ACCEPT the offer – 22.5%

To give you a sense of the strength of feeling within UNISON, more of our members voted to reject than exist in all the other unions in Scottish Local Government combined.

The UNISON Local Government Committee met in Glasgow on Monday to consider this result. They unanimously agreed to pursue a further ballot for industrial action to seek to force the employers to make an improved offer.

UNISON will move to a formal ballot of 69,000 members in the next two months‎.

The law states that this formal ballot will take place by post only, and to ensure we can take action we will need at least 50% of members to participate.

We will be in contact soon with more details of the formal ballot. Please do look out for these emails – and the ballot arriving by post – to ensure you don’t miss out on your chance to have your say.

Mike Kirby
Scottish Secretary