Pension increases and contributions

All public service pensions will increase by 3% for pensions paid before April 2017, there is a graduated taper for those who retired during the year. The increase is effective from 9 April 2018.

For contributing members, pension pots under the CARE schemes will also increase by 3% for service in the current financial year.

These increases are applied across all public service schemes as a consequence of the Public Sector Pensions Act. Further details can be found in this SLGPS circular.

The SPPA has also published new guidance on how contribution rates should be calculated in the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme.

The above circular also increases the SLGPS contribution bands as follows:

Severe Weather Update


Your branch wrote to the Head of HR within Fife Council on Friday March 2nd to start early discussions on how the employer was intending to deal with the issue of members experiencing difficulties in attending work due to the severe weather. Below is the response from the employer as a result of these discussions.

Severe Weather Guidance

Following the unique challenges presented by the unprecedented weather conditions last week, CET have taken a decision to ensure that no employee is disadvantaged. The following information only applies to the defined period Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March inclusive and the current, agreed severe weather arrangements (PY12 and PY13) remain in place for all other time outwith this period and for future periods of severe weather.

CET have decided that employees who lost time during the period of severe weather from Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March will have a special credit of time up to their standard working day granted.
The following principles will apply:-

· The special credit of time will be granted to employees to cover absences from work as a result of adverse weather from 28th February to 2nd March inclusive

· Employees who worked part of any day during the defined period should have special credit of time granted to make up their standard working day

· If employees had pre-planned annual/flexi leave for these days then this will remain as pre-planned leave

· If employees reported in sick, this will be recorded as sick leave

· If employees requested leave during the defined period due to weather/travel concerns then this should be cancelled and special credit of time granted instead

· Casual/supply workers who were scheduled to work during this period and could not attend due to office and school closures, should be paid for the pre-agreed hours

Queries should be directed to your line manager in the first instance.